Introduction of the company ZIN s.r.o.

Founded in 1991, ZIN s.r.o, is privately owned Slovak company without foreign capital investments. It is located in Hronský Beňadik, in Žarnovica region, where the production is situated. Business activities are managed from the operation in Hronský Beňadik as well as by sales office in Bratislava.

Core business of ZIN s.r.o. is production and sales of lightning rods and earthing components. History of production of lightning rods in Hronský Beňadik dates back to 1955, when mass construction of panel houses started in former Czechoslovakia. In the past, production of lightning rods belonged among activities of Okresný priemyselný podnik Banská Štiavnica (District industrial company Banská Štiavnica), legal successor of which is ZIN s.r.o.

Gradually, the range of components was widening in line with demand of the construction industry. New types of supports for walls and roofs, new types of clamps, conductors and earthing components were designed. From the original number of 30 items, the range has grown severalfold. Besides standardized items, also customized items are produced according to specific requirements of individual clients. Products made of stainless steel, copper and aluminum were added to the range. We offer combined components made with plastic or concrete. The production itself has been modernized in recent years, we use semiautomatic as well as computer operated machinery. Hot dip galvanizing process is controlled by automated system.

ZIN s.r.o. is a major producer of lightning rods and their components in the Slovak Republic. For any given construction, a lightning rod can be assembled from our components. We have introduced several new items into the production in  accordance with current standards, we also produce components for isolated lightning rods. Currently, our offer is the most complex one for lightning rods and their components out of all producers in Slovakia and Czech Republic. Part of our production is exported to Czech Republic, Hungary and France.

Earthing strip and wire conductors are an integral part of lightning rods assembly. They are mostly produced of zinc plated, hot dip galvanized steel, but gradually use of aluminum, stainless steel and copper becomes more popular. ZIN s.r.o. is a major supplier of these commodities for Slovak market.

Most of the lightning rods components are zinc plated and our company operates its own hot dip galvanizing line. For better use of its capacity, we offer hot dip galvanizing also as a separate service. We galvanize mainly for business partners from the region, but we have also clients from all around Slovakia. Our biggest competitive advantage is that besides galvanizing, we also offer complementary services in a form of deburring, packing and transporting by our own vehicles.

Our other activity is customized steel structures production. We produce items for active lightning rods for Franklin France company. For La Buvette, France we produce steel items for livestock feeding systems. In 2012 we have started to produce high voltage braces. We believe that this area of our activities will grow in future years. ZIN s.r.o. also operates as an importer and distributor of active lightning rods produced by renowned French producer Franklin France. In 2011 we have been awarded the best European distributor award and in 2012, 2013 and 2014 we have taken the second place. A significant part of incomes is generated by metal trading, especially of electrolytic zinc and copper cathodes.

In recent years ZIN s.r.o. has been awarded several prizes. Our most valued one is by weekly economic magazine Trend – 3rd place in the category Company of the Year 2011.

Our priority is a satisfied customer, therefore we will continue to offer high quality products, long lasting and in accordance with all standards and at the same time affordable.

  ISO 9001:2015

  ISO 14001:2015


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